cheese box

Craftsmen Cheese is a company that embodies a friendly and effective branding and packaging of artisan cheeses. 

The purpose of this project was to use biomimicry to find a more sustainable and user-friendly way to package and sell artisan cheeses. All materials are original content developed and handcrafted as part of this Visual Communications course that explores sustainable packaging and visual branding. 



After extensive research in biomimicry and sustainability options, I used a self-stick wax paper that mimics lotus leaf textures. The wrapping is made of recycled paper and the cut shape is inspired by the shape of lotus petals closing and opening.  The new packaging utilizes recyclable and compost-able materials, and the new layouting uses materials more effectively, minimizing waste. The shape offers a more efficient way to open and close the cheese wrap, while retaining freshness.  

Cheese laydown


This project also included the development of a commercial brand, including the creation of a graphic standard, business system, t-shirts, marketing materials, and web/app interfaces. 


Graphic standard