Charge-R is a conceptual fitness tool and application that allows you to charge your phone through exercise. 

The basis of this project was to create a website (and accompanying application interface) about a concept derived from The Internet of Things (internet, sensors, and databases). All HTML & CSS structures are hard-coded and all photography and graphics are originally taken and designed. 

Check out the website for more info. 



The website is made up of 5 live pages that were coded in HTML & CSS from scratch. The action and product photography featured on each page were original shots taken around the UC Davis campus, and the graphic logo and branding were created specifically for this project. The app interface is a complimentary element to the site and project, with the basic home screens and user interface displayed below. (The application is not a live mockup.)


Concept development

The concept behind this application is focused on active lifestyles being merged seamlessly with online lifestyles. The design elements and colors were developed for their action-invoking style.